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Cabling Solutions for GTA Network Performance

Since cabling and network standards were first developed, networks have increased in speed by 1,000 times promoting the use of fibre, particularly in the backbone and workstation connections.

Furthermore, a new breed of users has become accustomed to mobility using the latest generation of wireless networks with laptops, personal digital devices and smart phones to avoid being strapped to their desks.

Accordingly, you would expect your network and cabling service provider to be proficient in 3 closely related technologies: copper, fibre optics and wireless. Cabling is a fundamental element to assure network performance and reliability. You can count on our trained, highly skilled and certified technicians.

TICS certified technicians have the necessary skill sets, experience and expertise to install a communications network infrastructure of the highest quality. We can continue to support your organization with ongoing maintenance and service.

Accurate and complete documentation of the network is essential to good management of your network. Understanding your cable infrastructure and related termination is a key component, and we can help you properly identify and label in-service cables and remove any that are out of service and no longer useful.

TICS Areas of Expertise
We stock and install an extensive range of high quality copper cables (CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 7) and fibre optic cables (LC/LC, SC/SC, LC/SC, multi-mode or single-mode fibres, etc.) at any required length to meet your network needs.

Inevitably, your network will require modifications, and we can provide ongoing support as your network needs grow.

Our cabling and network services also include:

  • Network testing, documentation and certification
  • Installation of headend and remote equipment
  • Cable integrity verification and connectivity testing
  • System acceptance
  • Cable removal
  • DSX equipment and cabling installation
Telecom Installation Contract

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Telecom Installation Contract
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